How To Use

Swapping tokens on Solar Swap is infused with blockchain energy to make it faster and cheaper than any other platform.

How to Swap

  1. Navigate to Swap and click Connect Wallet

  1. Next, select from the drop-down the tokens you want to swap. For this example, we'll be swapping From SOL To USDC. Then enter the amount of tokens you wish to swap. Finally, click Swap!

Also to note:

Minimum Received is the least amount of tokens a user will receive on a trade.

Price Impact is the difference between the market price and the estimated execution price based on the size of the trade.

Slippage Tolerance denotes the highest allowable variance between a user's anticipated price and the actual execution price. You can adjust this parameter by either accessing "Settings" in the navigation tab or selecting "More Information" within the swap interface.

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